Plugin Manager

hal_py.plugin_manager.get_plugin_instance(plugin_name: str) → i_base

Gets the basic interface for a plugin specified by name.

Parameters:plugin_name (str) – The plugin name.
Returns:The interface base for the plugin.
Return type:hal_py.i_base
hal_py.plugin_manager.get_plugin_names() → Set[str]

Get the names of all loaded plugins.

Returns:The set of plugin names.
Return type:set(str)
hal_py.plugin_manager.load(plugin_name: str, file_name: hal_py.hal_path) → bool

Load a single plugin by specifying a name and the file path.

  • plugin_name (str) – The desired name, unique in the framework.
  • file_name (hal_py.hal_path) – The path to the plugin file.

True on success.

Return type:


hal_py.plugin_manager.load_all_plugins(file_names: List[hal_py.hal_path]=[]) → bool

Load all plugins in the specified directories. If p directory is empty, the default directories will be searched.

Parameters:file_names (hal_py.hal_path) – A list of directory paths.
Returns:True on success.
Return type:bool
hal_py.plugin_manager.unload_all_plugins() → bool

Releases all plugins and associated resources.

Returns:True on success.
Return type:bool